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2 Packs HRB 7.4V 6000mAh 60C with TR Plug Compatible with RC Car/Truck/Boat/Airplane/Helicopter

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Chemistry: Lithium Polymer

Voltage (V): 7.4V

Capacity (mAh): 6000mAh

Configuration: 2S1P

Silicone Wire: 10AWG

Continuous Discharge (C): 60C

Discharge Connector Type: TR Plug

Balancer Connector Type: 3PINS JST-XH

Battery Size(L*W*H): 139*47*25mm / 5.47*1.85*0.98in (0 - 3mm difference)

Battery Weight Per Piece: 295g / 0.65lb /10.41oz ( 0-5g difference)


- Excellent value without loss of performance

- Long cycle life, energy density up to 272Wh/kg

- Low resistance, high reliability, and excellent consistency

- High-quality polymer raw materials from Japan and South Korea