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Balancer JST-XH
Capacity (mah) 6000
Cell count 7S
Cell Voltage 25.9V
Charge Rate (2C recommended) 5C
Connector EC5
Dimensions 155x48x63mm
Discharge Rate (C) 100C
Net Weight (grams) 1028


Battery Care

Warning! Always follow manufacturer warning labels when handling Lipo batteries.

In addition there are some common practices a user should follow to not void the warranty:

  • Break-in new packs by gently cycling them 3 to 5 times on a charger/discharger or in the model from full charge to no less then 50%- 60% of full mAh capacity.
  • Always check for excessive heat after a couple minutes of runtime depending on the battery mounting location, and power draw of the model.
  • Let battery cool to ambient temperature prior to charging.
  • Always charge on a non-conductive surface to avoid shorting the battery or charging equipment.
  • Avoid running Lipos heavily during hot seasons where the outside temperature exceeds 95F/35C
  • Do not keep Lipo batteries fully charged while not in use. Always discharge to storage (60%) until the next run time. This avoids premature "aging" of the cells.
  • Avoid discharging below 20% capacity. Doing so degrades the cells leading to high IR and reduces charge capacity.
  • Do not exceed recommended charge rates. A 5C charge rate implies a max input charge current of 25A on a 5000mAh battery regardless of the cell count.
  • Never charge unattended.
  • Use Lipo safe bags for charging/discharging and transportation/storage, and discontinue the use of batteries that are puffing or physically damaged no matter how small.