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HRB 7.4V 5000mAh-7000mAh 50C-60C Compatible with 1/8 1/10 Scale RC Models

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product information:(US)

 2S 5000MAH 50C T/XT60 155*48*16mm (±3mm) 260g ± 3g
 2S 6000MAH 60C TRX 139*47*25mm (±3mm) 295g ± 3g
 2S 7000MAH 55C TRX 139*47*25mm (±3mm) 315g ± 3g


Safe Charge Rate:

The safest charge rate for lipo batteries is 0.5C-1C. Most LiPo batteries need to be charged rather slowly, compared to NiMH or NiCd batteries.


DO NOT leave the battery unattended while charging.

Please charge it with a real brand balance charger (no fake brand charger).

Please store it in a safety guard bag.